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After your complimentary consultation, I charge a research and customized planning fee to get the process started with a customized itinerary. In addition, I receive commissions from hotels, airlines, and event venues; however, I don’t get paid until you complete your trip.

I always advise my clients to purchase travel insurance. As with any other type, make sure to fully understand what it does and does not cover. It ranges in fees; however, generally you get value consistent with the level you choose. I will recommend the best insurance company for your needs, based on my expertise.


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Relax and know that I will handle everything. I stay alert to current events and, should your flight get redirected or cancelled due to weather, I’ll be on the phone for you. If you need a hotel last minute, I will make those arrangements for you. Whatever contingencies happen, I’ve seen them before and know what to do so you can focus on your experience.


The virus changed many things, including how the travel industry operates. Many travelers lost money because the venue declined to give refunds and they didn’t have me advocating for them. My clients can continue their lives while I stay on the phone and work all the details out for them, saving them time and money and ensuring their deposits are not lost.

Based on your trip, I will know what documents and vaccinations you will need, making sure you have this information well in advance so you can prepare.

Leave the details to me – I can accommodate any schedule changes or cancellations, subject to agency and/or insurance policies.

If you are flying to your destination, I suggest you carry as little as possible…but here are some suggestions of your need to haves.

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