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Hawaii is heaven on earth.

Do you want to find a piece of secluded paradise? Do not then, take the highways here. There are beautiful places tucked away across the many islands of Hawaii, offering breathtaking views. Home to beautiful animals like whales and dolphins you could even get to see the now rare and endangered green sea turtle or the monk seals, around some beaches.    As a luxury travel planner, I have had many of my guests visit this beautiful state in our country. They always come back with marvelous memories, ecstatic about the wonderful times that they had on and around the island! Some of the world’s best water sports can be enjoyed here – parasailing, scuba diving, standup paddle-boarding, snorkeling, windsurfing, and water skiing are only a few that I mention here. To the avid water sports enthusiast, Hawaii is heaven!
Palm tree in Hawaii
Beach Wedding Ceremony

Honeymoon or destination wedding in Hawaii?

As a destination wedding planner, I am greeted by plenty of ideas when it comes to planning one in Hawaii. Couples could say “I do” to each other by the side of a gushing waterfall, or “hit the surf”, as they say, with a wedding on the sea, in an outrigger canoe! Or if you want an idyllic setting, in the heart of the countryside you could have one on the gentle slopes of the Haleakala Mountains, in Maui! For honeymooners too, Hawaii is paradise! Whenever I plan vacation times for lovebirds in Hawaii I always ensure that they get to spend their special moments in the utmost privacy and seclusion, far away from the madding crowd. There are top-rated accommodations and exclusive hotel properties on my network, and islands like Lanai and Maui are ideal for some quiet, romantic activities, couple massages, or a sunset cruise around the islands.

Hawaii offers waterfalls, volcanoes and rainbows!

For the luxury traveler, Hawaii offers a scintillating array of exquisite views. Stroll past some powerful waterfalls or stroll through a botanical garden, host to some spectacular tropical flora and fauna! Or, walk through the historic downtown of Hilo, dig into some macadamia nuts in a nut factory, or simply laze around on an unspoiled, uncrowded lagoon. If you are up for a bike ride, then a downhill ride from the Kilauea Volcano (at 4000 feet!) right down to the Pacific Ocean makes for a thrilling experience. The Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, spread over a sprawling 6000 acres and dotting a 16-mile long, pristine coast is another gorgeous landscape of unique beauty. 

Known as the Grand Canyon of the Pacific the Waimea Canyon, situated in Kauai is a must-see location, with unsurpassed viewpoints. The mighty Waipoo Falls can be seen here. Keep your camera ready wherever you go because my clients tell me they see multiple rainbows a visit!

couple looking a lava in Hawaii
Rainbow into pool of water in Hawaii
Exotic fruit of Hawaii

Sample Hawaii.

A melting pot of cultures, Hawaii offers a vast choice of cuisines for the discerning palate, and we love to work with my guests in arriving at a travel itinerary for them that does justice to the amazing variety of food menus here! 

Here are some foods that remind us of Hawaii:

  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • Exotic fruits (Guava, Pineapple and Papaya)
  • Ahi Poke
  • Macadamia nuts

Let's plan a unique vacation to Hawaii!

No matter if your dream is to visit Maui, Oahu, Kauai, The Big Island, or island hop or cruise through them all, I can plan your vacation. I love to work with my guests in arriving at a travel itinerary for them that does justice to the amazing variety of sights, smells, sounds that Hawaii has to offer!