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Lisa’s Packing list must-have’s: Simplifying Travel in Europe and the Caribbean

Hello, fellow travel adventurers!

As a seasoned traveler and concierge at Concierge Boutique Travel, I’ve had the privilege of exploring various corners of the world. Over the years, I’ve honed my packing skills and discovered a few essentials that make my journeys through Europe and the Caribbean significantly smoother. Today, I’d like to share my curated list of favorite items that undoubtedly make life easier on these excursions. The links are affiliate links and I do receive a small amount when you buy after clicking on my link.

  1. Universal Power Adapter and Charging Taco: In this digital age, staying connected is crucial. A universal power adapter ensures that I can charge my devices no matter where I am. Pair it with a reliable power bank to keep my phone and other gadgets juiced up throughout the day, especially during long flights or day-long excursions. This is my favorite – Travel Smart Universal Adapter and to keep all my electronics charging in one spot I love this Travel Taco.Travel Smart Cord Tacos
  2. Packing Cubes: Organization is key when traveling. Packing cubes help me keep my belongings tidy and easy to locate. I categorize my clothing, accessories, and toiletries into separate cubes, saving me time and effort when unpacking or searching for specific items. These packing cubes are the best Travel Smart Packing Cubes
  3. Travel-Sized Toiletries: To save space and adhere to airline regulations, I always carry travel-sized toiletries like toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. These miniature essentials are perfect for shorter trips or when I’m expecting to explore multiple destinations within a single journey. You can find these at your local drug store or Walmart or Target. You can carry everything you need in this Essential Cosmetic Bag.
  4. Collapsible Water Bottle: Staying hydrated is paramount, especially in warmer climates like the Caribbean. I carry a collapsible water bottle that takes up minimal space in my bag but expands when needed, helping me stay refreshed throughout the day. It’s eco-friendly and a lifesaver during long walks or hikes – My Favorite Collapsible Water Bottle
  5. Comfortable Walking Shoes with socks: Exploring the charming streets of Europe or the pristine beaches of the Caribbean demands comfortable footwear. I always pack a pair of reliable walking shoes and socks that provide both support and style, ensuring I can comfortably roam for hours while embracing the local culture. Comfortable Shoes and Comfortable Socks
  6. Versatile Outfits: I opt for versatile clothing that can easily transition from day to night. Mix-and-match pieces, neutral colors, and lightweight fabrics are my go-to choices. This way, I’m prepared for spontaneous adventures or casual evenings out without carrying an excessive amount of clothes. Best Travel Outfit and Travel Smart Cross Body Bag
  7. Carry-On Luggage: A reliable carry-on suitcase or backpack is essential for hassle-free travel. I prefer a lightweight, sturdy carry-on that adheres to airline size regulations. It allows me to keep all my essential items close at hand during the journey and ensures a smoother check-in and boarding process. With a well-organized carry-on luggage, packing becomes a breeze, and I’m always prepared for a comfortable and convenient travel experience. My favorite carry-on is Travel Smart Carry on Luggage.
  8. Checked Luggage Suitcase: For longer trips or those where I need to carry more items, a spacious checked luggage suitcase is a must. I opt for one with a combination lock, durable wheels, and compartments to keep my belongings organized and secure. It’s the perfect companion for extended stays and allows me to pack all my essentials while still maintaining a sense of order and ease. Travel Smart Checked Luggage
  9. Quality Travel Pillow: Rest is essential, especially when traveling across time zones. A good travel pillow supports my neck during flights or long bus rides, ensuring a more comfortable journey and a refreshed start at each new destination. Travel Smart neck pillow
  10. Airline Back Support Cushion: Long flights can take a toll on your back. That’s why I always pack an airline back support cushion. It offers the much-needed comfort and support during extended periods of sitting, making the journey more enjoyable and minimizing any discomfort. I take this cushion on every plane – Travel Smart Back Support.
  11. Waterproof cell phone case: A waterproof cell phone case is a lifesaver, especially when traveling to destinations with water-based activities or unpredictable weather. It provides added protection, ensuring my phone stays safe and functional even if exposed to water or moisture. Waterproof phone case
  12. If you are in the Caribbean or anywhere else tropical, you might want to bring your own snorkel gear. This snorkel mask is very open and has almost a 180 degree view so you can admire all the tropical fish! There are adult and children sizes.Travel Smart Snorkel Mask
  13. Lastly, I like to keep my hands clean and I use this hand sanitizer – Hand sanitizer

With these trusty travel companions, I’m ready to embark on any adventure Europe and the Caribbean have to offer. Happy travels, and may your journeys be as smooth and enjoyable as mine!


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