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Welcome to our world of bespoke travel planning!

About Concierge Boutique Travel

Specializing in bespoke travel experiences, Concierge Boutique Travel, based in Raleigh, NC, offers meticulously crafted itineraries for Europe, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and beyond. We excel in honeymoon getaways, destination weddings, group/work travel, ocean and river cruises, adventure travel, and family vacations. Our service ensures a fulfilling vacation with lasting memories. We provide exclusive amenities, private charter planes, unique itineraries, and luxurious accommodations, elevating your travel experience.

About Lisa Zilli

As the founder and luxury travel agent at Concierge Boutique Travel, I bring over twenty years of experience in planning memorable vacations. My personal passion for luxury travel drives my commitment to creating the perfect trip for each client, whether it’s a family vacation, a destination wedding, or an anniversary celebration. My expertise lies in proactively handling travel challenges and crafting unique, memorable experiences, ensuring each journey is as extraordinary as our clients.