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Europe offers everything you could want in a vacation.

As a luxury travel planner, I believe that Europe has everything to offer – for destination weddings, honeymoon travel,  and simple getaways. Over the years I have put together a commendable network of luxury hotels that ensure some excellent stays for my guests. For a wedding in Europe, all that you have to do is to choose a location from its grand feast of beaches, mountains, seas or wineries; and I shall plan and advise, guide and co-ordinate to make the wedding all about You- truly, an unforgettable experience, with memories that can be tucked away for a lifetime!
A honeymoon can be exhilarating as well as exhausting. As a honeymoon planner,  it is something I adore – nothing thrills me more than helping a couple experience a new place, dig into an exotic cuisine or visit a rare location, while I do all the handiwork and make sure that the couple gets treated like celebrities wherever they go!
Langhe Italy
vacation to Montenegro

Vacation memories to last a lifetime.

For the luxury traveler, Europe offers a myriad of vacation opportunities. Get into the swing of things in Paris, the world’s most visited capital! I will make sure that this city of love turns out into a “fabulous home away from home” for you, as you take in many of the city’s iconic monuments, cathedrals, and museums! Or, get away from it all, and relax on the pristine, uncrowded beaches of Montenegro, with its pretty, historic villages. Or, if you are all for the “wind’s song and the white sail’s shaking”, you could sail around the Greek isles, or take a break on the islands of Antiparos, Pano Koufonisi, or Santorini. 

If you are headed to Italy and never have been before, I highly suggest you go to Rome.  There is so much to do for young and young at heart travelers.  Check out my blog post on my Top 10 favorite tours in Rome!

Music, chocolate and culture

For the music aficionado Vienna, the music capital of the world, with its imperial traditions and cozy wine taverns,  is an inspiring experience of sublime classical melodies. Or treat yourself to an Einspanner, a double espresso with Viennese chocolate on the side! Time-travel in Athens, at the Acropolis, and see the Parthenon for yourself, up close. To me, a great vacation is made up of many special moments and experiences, and as a luxury travel planner, I love to take the untrodden path and create some unforgettable vacations for my clients! So you could find yourself standing at the edge of the continent, at Sagres,  on a wind-swept peninsula edge of Portugal, alongside a 10th-century lighthouse, looking out to the seas! Or, you could find yourself in the ‘seat’ of action, in a Ferrari on a road trip to Monaco, the home of the Grand Prix! Or if you are a lover of good beers, you could be enjoying a Pilsner, sitting atop the Zugspitze, which happens to be the highest mountain in Germany. 

The vintage cafe-confectionery, on Feb 19, 2019 in Vienna, Austria
Palace in Sintra Portugal

You dream it - I plan it!

So, whether you are planning a vacation for a city break, rustic getaway, or even if it is for a stay on a remote,  mountain resort in any of the countries in Europe, just give me the dates. And I’ll be happy to plan it all, a classic luxury vacation for you to remember!