Travel to the Caribbean

Get on island time

As a luxury travel planner, I make it a point to carve out some unique itineraries for my guests – a personal approach to every aspect of the vacation – from boarding the plane to getting back home, it is all very carefully planned and co-ordinated.  Not sure what to pack?  I have a list of my favorites “must-have’s.” There are many spectacular vacation options in the Caribbean and many are a short flight from North Carolina. So much to say, that my guests always come back happy and glowing, after a luxurious stay, having basked in the spectacular warmth of the wind, surf, and seas of these glorious islands!

Couple at sunset
Caribbean island

Crystal waters

Whether it is as a destination wedding planner or a honeymoon vacation specialist, I put together a very specific itinerary for each guest, a process that flows only after understanding the nuances behind personal choices and idiosyncrasies! For romantic getaways, islands like St.Lucia with some excellent luxury resorts and fishing villages, the 700-island Bahamas, or even Jamaica, with its Reggae-inspired soul are some good options. The island of St.Lucia also houses 2 massive volcanic creations, or Pitons as they are known, set against the backdrop of a beautiful Caribbean Sea. Nature lovers too would love it here, as it is one of the island’s lush destinations – with hot springs, botanical gardens, waterfalls, and rainforests dotted all over its landscape. 

Too many choices- Turks And Caicos, Belize, Bahamas or Anguilla?

For the wellness seeker, the Turks and Caicos Islands are a haven of spas and relaxation centers. For a relaxing wellness escape, you could carry yourself away to any of the luxury retreats or wellness programs on these islands! If you are an avid diver, then the island of Belize is a must-see! It houses the Belize Barrier Reef, the biggest of its kind in the Northern and Western hemispheres, and is witness to white sands and crystal-clear waters. For the food lover, some gastronomic delights can be savored at Baha Mar, Nassau. For the beach connoisseur, vast, undulating private stretches of angelic white sands can be enjoyed at the island of Anguilla, a stretch of pristine land formed by plenty of coral and limestone.
Reef in Belize
Coral in Caribbean
Antigua from above

Dominica or Jamaica?

Once the individual preferences of the luxury traveler are articulated, I put forth my recommendations for the travel itinerary to the islands. An example would be an eco-friendly ‘paradise’ for nature lovers, called the Secret Bay, nestling in a jungle – guests here stay in treehouses!  For the laid back luxury traveler, Jamaica offers a safe haven, with its calming beaches and tranquil, unspoiled lagoons. You could explore the island’s Blue Mountains, where one of the world’s best coffee is grown. 

Let's plan your Caribbean vacation.

The Caribbean Islands will entertain you regardless of your vacation style. And I shall partner with your aspirations all the way! So, whether it is a romantic catamaran sunset cruise for two, picnics on the beach or quiet candlelit dinners by the pool, I will be happy to plan it all up for you! When it comes to an unhurried and leisurely luxurious stay, away from it all, the Caribbeans are unmatched in their magnificence!