Kauai from trails

Travel to Hawaii

Hawaii is heaven on earth.

Seeking a secluded paradise? Venture beyond the highways in Hawaii, where hidden gems offer breathtaking views. The islands are home to magnificent wildlife, including whales, dolphins, and the increasingly rare green sea turtles and monk seals. As a luxury travel planner, I’ve guided many guests to this stunning state, and they consistently return with unforgettable memories.

Hawaii is a haven for water sports enthusiasts, offering top-notch activities like parasailing, scuba diving, paddle-boarding, snorkeling, windsurfing, and water skiing. It’s truly a water sports paradise.

Honeymoon or destination wedding in Hawaii?

As a destination wedding planner, Hawaii presents a wealth of creative options. Couples can exchange vows beside a majestic waterfall or opt for a unique ceremony at sea in an outrigger canoe. For those desiring a serene countryside setting, Maui’s gentle Haleakala Mountains offer a picturesque backdrop. Hawaii is also a honeymooner’s paradise.

When planning for couples, I prioritize privacy and seclusion, ensuring they enjoy intimate moments away from crowds. My network includes top-rated accommodations and exclusive hotels, with islands like Lanai and Maui being perfect for romantic activities, couple’s massages, and sunset cruises.

Hawaii offers waterfalls, volcanoes and rainbows!

Hawaii is a paradise for luxury travelers, offering a dazzling array of stunning views. Enjoy a leisurely stroll past powerful waterfalls or through botanical gardens filled with spectacular tropical flora and fauna. Experience Hilo’s historic downtown, visit a macadamia nut factory, or relax in a secluded, serene lagoon. For the adventurous, a downhill bike ride from the Kilauea Volcano, situated at 4,000 feet, down to the Pacific Ocean promises an exhilarating experience. The Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, spanning over 6,000 acres along a 16-mile pristine coast, showcases breathtaking landscapes.

Don’t miss the Waimea Canyon in Kauai, known as the ‘Grand Canyon of the Pacific’, offering unmatched views and the magnificent Waipoo Falls. Remember to keep your camera ready – many of my clients report seeing multiple rainbows during their visit!

Sample the Cultures of Hawaii.

Hawaii, a melting pot of cultures, presents a diverse range of culinary delights for discerning foodies. We enjoy collaborating with our guests to craft itineraries that showcase the incredible variety of local cuisines.

Some iconic Hawaiian foods include:

  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice
  • Exotic fruits like Guava, Pineapple, and Papaya
  • Ahi Poke
  • Macadamia nuts

Unsure about what to pack for your culinary adventure? I have a curated packing list of ‘must-haves’ to ensure you’re well-prepared.